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Bimbo have been operating a gift shop for over 35 years and over the last few years have been marketing ourselves success fully online around Australia. All of our graphics and our internet site have been developed with SEOfast a digital agency with whom we have developed different posters and gift cards. Over the years we have sold original art, prints, posters that have been named. Titled, mounted or stretched on canvas.

We pride ourselves on selling quirky unique cool fun stuff and we are always on the lookout for something different and a young artist, a very good one suggested we start offering his work in the shop and he specialized in portraits and so we started checking out what else was available and the choices are unbelievable and there are a lot of programs software that will do all sorts of things. But the problem with doing them your self is, it is not your profession and most people do not have an artist’s eye. So in conjunction with the team of people graphic artist’s Etc. at SEOfast we have done the research and produced www.wohitsme.com.au

For every portrait, oil painting, water colour, drawing, digitally processed print that we produce it is the creation of an artist. Sometimes with the aid of technology and sometimes using the traditional tools of an artist that is what makes WOh iT’S me unique. You choose based upon how much you want to spend. Come on it’s fun you will enjoy choosing the processor technique you favour.

Maybe it’s time for you to have a portrait commissioned for the office or surprise that special person with a double image sepia black and white print that declares you care with a special intimate title included.
WOh iT’S ME is a unique gift a great present
WOh iT’S ME show someone you care


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