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Colored Panel Pop Art Portraits

Similar to the style created by Andy Warhol

The style created by Andy Warhol is at the pinnacle of the pop art movement and has had a reverberating effect across the art world and liberated and influenced artists worldwide and continues to do so today.

The four alternating coloured patterns would be one of the most celebrated posters styles ever produced.
Now you or your loved ones can join the rich and famous, as this poster makes one of the best gifts ever.
People are always delighted with this poster as a gift because this style presents so colourfully. The colours somehow seem to transform people and they always look full of joy.

You can choose from the four alternating coloured panels or one big panel.

Add a speech bubble, title or a tag. This can be fun – like the “happy hippo rider “ decided, or … a “statement of love,” like the two girls featured have chosen.

Size and Pricing

SIZE: 594 x 841mm (23.4 x 33.1 inches)

1 person
2 person

If you want your printer to produce a copy. Then, only a digital copy is required and it will be sent by email
If you would like a digital print
+ $50.00 for printing 

+ $25.00 delivered to your nominated address
Other sizes are available
Please fill out the quote form and follow the instructions on how to attach a photo.


Price includes the following:
  • Design
  • A water marked proof for approval before delivery
  • If a printed image is required it will be printed on 220 gsm Satin paper using CMYK UV stable INK.
    With normal digital printing the colours will fade quite quickly. (5 to 10 ten years depending where the print is stored).
  • Two delivery choices
    1. Digital image emailed to your nominated email address
    2. A printed image Delivered in an Australia post cylinder to your nominated address
  • For both delivery options the Digital image presented via an Email
  • The Digital image allows you to reprint on any surface you like

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